Program Overview

ART works with approximately 500 corporate locations, treating more than 4,500 people per week. We send one of our certified, insured, ART Elite Providers to your location on a weekly basis to treat aches and pains before they become claims. Some of the common conditions we successfully treat are back pain, carpal tunnel, foot pain, joint pain, lock jaw, migraines, numbing, tingling, repetitive stress, shoulder pain, sprains and strains. Sessions with the ART Elite Provider are 15 minutes or less, and highly effective. 90% of the conditions listed above are resolved within seven or fewer sessions. The best part of the ART Onsite Care Program is that our patented technique has an OSHA designation as First Aid and is therefore non-recordable.

Our proven system is….

  • Simple- We design a custom plan to treat pains before they become claims
  • Effective- Proven history of fixing and curing issues before long-term costs are incurred
  • Professional- Only certified professionals and EPN- level providers are allowed to practice our technique
  • Flexible- No binding contracts (we change as the situation changes)
  • Measurable- Detailed reporting for trend analysis and costs saved for your organization
  • Fast- Resolution of issues can begin on the first day of the program
  • What ART looks like as a Corporate Solution
  • We identify how much time is needed to fix aches and pains before they become claims at your location
  • We find a provider in your area that is certified to treat corporations
  • We train your FIRST responders (HR, Nurses, EHS)
  • We train employees by educating your team members about the benefit of ART
  • We put it into action! We treat your employees onsite to resolve aches and pains before they become claims


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