ART Elite Provider Network

When a corporation contracts with ART® Corporate Solutions, Inc. they have access to the highest level Active Release Tehniques® providers in North America. This is important because we want to insure that your company will receive the highest quality of care on a consistent basis, and, the same quality of care throughout your organization.

Members to the Elite Provider Network (EPN) are recruited from the most qualified doctors and therapists who have demonstrated a commitment to resolving soft tissue conditions as quickly as possible, and, by making ART a primary focus of their private practices. These providers must meet a number of specific requirements, including:

  • Full body ART certification (More than 500 ART protocols encompassing the entire body: Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Body Core (Spine) Coursework.
  • Practical and clinical experience utilizing ART for a minimum of one year prior to being eligible for testing
  • Annual re-certification to ensure that EPN providers continually perfect their knowledge and skills
  • A Written Examination covering their knowledge of OSHA and Workers' Compensation regulations governing on site care
  • A 'hands-on' practical examination with Dr. Michael Leahy (the developer of ART and company founder)

In addition, ART Corporate Solutions continuously manages the performance and results of all providers to ensure that their licensure and insurance status are maintained, and most importantly, to ensure that all on site corporate care programs deliver the same rapid, cost effective results. This ensures that our ultimate goal of improving employee health and wellness is acheived with each and every corporate location utilizing the ART On Site Care Program.

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