Wellness Fair


Dr. Justin Houck (Right) provided ART sample demonstrations at a Denver area beverage distribution facility's wellness fair. Facility employees had a first-hand opportunity to learn how ART can reduce strains, sprains, and overuse conditions.

DenverWellnessFair 3up med

Aging Workforce Presentation to EHS Professionals

Cincinnati, OH

AgingWorkforce EHSPros medART Corporate Solutions presented to a lage group of corporate EHS professionals from companies around Cincinnati OH. Dr. Sophie Brodeur and Dr. Rick Yost rendered ART sample sessions(Right) to attendees following an Aging Workforce / MSD Reduction presentation by ART Corporate Solutions.

American Industrial Hygienists Conference & Expo

Portland, OR

AmerIndHygienistsConfExpo medBrian Bodik presented on ART's benefits in the workplace at the 2011 American Industrial Hygienists Conference and Expo in Portland, OR on May 16th through May 18th. Gene Berry, LMT, ART worked the ART booth offering ART sample Sessions to health and safety professionals from all over the country.

Injury Reduction Luncheon

Kearney, NE

InjuryReductionLuncheon smDr. Cory Stickney hosted an ART Corporate Solutions Strain/Overuse Injury Reduction Luncheon in Kearney, NE on Nov 3, 2010. Over 20 local corporate health and safety professionals were in attendance.

2010 AIHce

Denver, CO

ART Corporate Solutions presented and had a booth at the 2010 AIHce in Denver, CO. American Industiral Health Association Conference and Expo. ART gave a presentation in the Expo Theatre on Reducing Strains and Overuse Injuries in the Workplace and we rendered over 100 ART sample sessions to corporate safety professionals over a 2 day period.

OSHA Region 9 Conference

Newport Beach

OSHA-Region9 NewportBeach medDr. Vasili Gatsinaris and ART Corporate Solutions worked the ART Corporate Solutions booth at the OSHA region 9 conference in Newport Beach. They met with health and safety professionals from many companies who are proactive in the area of corporate employee wellness. On April 1, 2010. ART Corporate Solutions delivered a 45 minute presentation before 100 corporate professionals.

Health & Safety Conference

Portland, OR

Below: Gene Berry, LMT, ART works on a safety profession's shoulder at health and safety conference in Portlad, OR.
HlthSafetyConf-PortlandOR med