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    MSD Prevention & Wellness 

    ART's corporate care certified providers are much like maintenance technicians, but for the employee's muscular systems.


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    ART First Aid Intervention

    When an employee develops mild, early onset discomfort they can access the ART provider, on-site for rapid first aid level ART care and most conditions never escalate to a level of significance.
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    With ART's cutting edge preventative wellness and first aid programs employees are living and working in a happier and more productive manner.

ART Corporate Solutions

ART® Corporate Solutions, Inc. offers a complete soft tissue management system for companies striving to reduce worker's compensation costs and recordable injury rates in the area of repetitive strain and strain/sprain injuries (MSD's). ART Corporate Solutions utilizes the highest level Active Release Techniques® providers throughout North America to work with private corporations, insurance carriers, and professional sports teams, to help the employee maintain a pain free status. ART is recognized by OSHA and the department of labor as a wellness, prevention, or first aid measure.

Wellness Fair


Dr. Justin Houck (Right) provided ART sample demonstrations at a Denver area beverage distribution facility's wellness fair. Facility employees had a first-hand opportunity to learn how ART can reduce strains, sprains, and overuse conditions.

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Aging Workforce Presentation to EHS Professionals

Cincinnati, OH

AgingWorkforce EHSPros medART Corporate Solutions presented to a lage group of corporate EHS professionals from companies around Cincinnati OH. Dr. Sophie Brodeur and Dr. Rick Yost rendered ART sample sessions(Right) to attendees following an Aging Workforce / MSD Reduction presentation by ART Corporate Solutions.